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We hired George to be our mortgage broker. He offered us a very good rate. He has great time management skills. He is results-oriented, hardworking and very helpful at every stage of the process. We would highly recommend him.
Claudia and Ovidiu

We had such a good experience with George that was very easy to recommend him to any of our colleagues and friends. First home buying experience has been a success, mainly due to the efforts of Mr. George Vasilache. He was always there having answers and solutions to all our inquiries. George! Your dedication and commitment to your work make you the best Mortgage Broker! Thank you for all! Daniela :)

Professional, courteous, prompt and extremely capable. I will never go anywhere else for my mortgage transactions as I have found the diamond in all the rough stones at last! Thank you George for giving us the best rate!
Nicolae Zara

High level of professionalism, we are very happy and we will go next time for business with him FOR SURE !!! Thank you George!
Valentin & Lavinia

George Delivers! High level of professionalism with minimal effort from the client side. George has not only the best rates but the best service as well! Highly recommended.

It was a pleasure to work with George because he provided me with all the information needed. He helped me to choose the best mortgage rate on the market, thus giving me a stress free experience. I highly recommend George to everyone who is considering getting a mortgage.

We would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding work you did for us. Thank you for everything.
Viorica & Gigi

Getting a mortgage is very easy these day... this is what they say:) Getting the right mortgage and the right advice is a different story. If you are looking for the best mortgage product, sound financial advice and a professional who puts your interest first, work with George! We did and we could not be happier with the money we saved, his willingness to go the extra mile to help us and his great personality.Thank you, George!
Monica Stanciu

George was very helpful in finding the best mortgage to suit us. I was very satisfied with his quick response to my questions and the professionalism in dealing with my contract renewal. This is exactly what I needed and I will sincerely recommend George to everybody out there. Thank you George!
Tavi & Ioana Serban

We did renew our mortgage and George made this to be very easy and profitable for us. Also he helped us with the line of credit and other very useful financial advices.We will definitely recommend him as very competent and friendly financial adviser. Thanks so much George!
Gabriel & Georgeta

Obtaining an excellent mortgage rate was an easy process with the help and guidance of George. He is very professional but in the same time he takes the time to explain everything which made the entire mortgage approval process very clearly for us as first time home buyers. Highly recommended.
Marius & Anca

As first time buyers we’ve done a thorough research of real estate market / mortgage options and there were several other broker agents we discussed with, before getting in touch with George. He was simply the best - the rates and conditions he obtained for us were by far the better choice. Was always punctual and provided straight answers / solutions to all our questions. He explained in detail our options regarding the mortgage and gave us some very good advises. We are very pleased with his services and will definitely recommend George Vasilache as a seasoned mortgage broker, a real professional. Thank you George, Bogdan and Cornelia Osian
Bogdan and Cornelia

We appreciate a lot the advice and professionalism of George Vasilache and Bogdan Petri, and we highly recommand them ,for all the potential customers They are the best Nicolae and Denisa Migea

George helped me a lot, he did an amazing job.I strongly recommend George because he is extremely professional and knowledgeble. He was able to get a really good mortgage rate in short time. Thank you again George.

Thank you George for your professionalism, promptitude and knowledge. We were able to close the deal fast and informed. We recommend George and his services to everyone that needs the best available rate.Laurentiu & Carmen
Laurentiu & Carmen

We would like to express our appreciation for excellent services that you have provided to us. We sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing our options and recommending the steps to follow. Your advice was very helpful and gave us a new perspective on available opportunities. Overall, very good services, very professional, very knowledgeable. We definitely recommend George to the people interested in mortgage options. Again, thank you so much for your help.
Adriana si Adrian

Thank you George for your prompt, smooth and professional service. We will certainly use your services next time. Cheers!
Costel si Iuliana

George, You were, simply, the best mortgage broker we have worked with in our entire life. Thank you immensely for your great service! We will definitely recommend you!
Costel Gheorghe

Dear George, We can simply say that without your advice, help and guidance would have been in a lot more challenging situation to be able to buy our first house. You went the extra mile for us and offered us the services and assistance for which we are very thankful. Thank you for your professionalism, hard work and dedication you showed us in this process. Fam. Turlea Ovidiu
Ovi Turlea

Dear George, Words cannot express the gratitude my children, my mom and I have for what you have done for us. You helped us save our home at times when other unforeseen events in our family clouded our hopes and hearts. With your professionalism, and your commitment, compassion and empathy for our desperate situation, you have assured to provide me with the best possible scenario of mortgage that allowed my children, mom and myself to continue leaving in our home without disturbing my children’s lives too much. My daughters, Ana and Laura want to say a big Thank You from their big hearts. They will never forget your help as they remain in the house to enjoy their own rooms, and their own family home. Our hearts go to you and your family, and we can only say that with people like yourself, the world becomes a better place. You and your family will always be in our prayers, and I can confidently say that as a client of yours, but also as a real estate agent, you will always be my first choice of referral at all times. Sincerely yours, Luisa, Ana, Laura and Georgeta (grandma)
Luisa Bita

We wish to express our gratitude to George, who has been so helpful in finding us the best deal for refinancing our mortgage. It has been a great experience, at a time of great need. George, all the best.
Emil & Teodora Borce

We cannot fully express our gratitude for all the work that George has done for us. We are 1st time home buyers and our situation was far from easy. In only one week we went from being excited to being overwhelmed. But having George as our Mortgage Broker was the most positive experience. He proved to be a responsible, supportive and reassuring professional during such stressful time. George approached our case with an impeccable conduct, thoroughly analyzed and resolved issues of high complexity and against many odds he secured us an advantageous mortgage. Always available, he answered our inquiries and concerns after working hours, and advocated our case to success. We recommend George with no hesitation and we guarantee that George’s clients will be impressed with the quality of his work! Our sincere thanks for your excellent service! Eugenia & Florian
Eugenia & Florian

Buying a house is a very important moment in everyone's life. If you find the right person the stress disappears and you have all the chances to take the best decision to turn you dream in reality. For a first time buyer like me, Mr. Vasilache was the best mortgage broker I could find. His advice and guidance have been invaluable. His connections and experience in domain solved all my problems. A very organized office and clear explanation for every stage of the file show transparency and professionalism. He is an artist being for the client friend and broker at the same time. So doing business is a pleasure. I advice anyone who is interested in this matter to chose with full confidence Mr. George Vasilache. Thank You. Reverend Father Stefan Morariu
Stefan Dan Morariu

Although I didn’t have an easy case, George solved my refinancing deal managing to obtain all the conditions I requested. He was prompt, efficient, professional and he kept his word. I made a good move working with him. Thanks , George!
Marius Dumitrescy

George did an amazing job and it was a really pleasure to work with him. We strongly recommend George because he guides us very professionally through all the mortgage process. He was able to get a really good mortgage rate in short time. Awesome experience! Thank you again George, Oana and Florin
Oana si Florin

We did remorgage our house and in this process George provided all the information we needed and thanks to him we were able to get the best rate on the market. He knows the products on the market from various financial institutions and he knows how to customize them to our needs. He was diligent, knowledgeable and always available to answer our questions if we had any concerns. We will definitely recommend him to our friends. Ionel& Claudia Coman
ionel & claudia coma

Buying a house is an important step in everybody's life and for somehow novice people like us in mortgage issues we needed somebody to help us. We had the good fortune to meet George who has been a very reliable person and a true asset for our endeavor in buying a house. From the way he treated us it has become clear that George is a highly professional individual, very responsible and dedicated not only to his profession but also to his clients. We are recommending George with all our hearts and we are hoping to have a long lasting relationship with him. He has had an immense contribution in fulfilling our dream. Thank you, George!
Marian & Diana

As in any profession, there are specialists who know their job in detail and know to do it right. This was the second time I needed help with a mortgage and thought about George, the second time. He is the professional who knows the products on the market from various financial institutions and he knows how to customize it to the individual needs. I will recommend George as a highly skilled professional to anyone I know is in need of help with this matter. Thank you, George! Again!
George Burlacu

Dear George: We write this short web posting with immense delight & pleasure and extend our appreciation for your prompt, pragmatic and professional services extended to us since the beginning. Owing to your charismatic smile and services, we without hesitation decided to contact you for our mortgage, the second time. Not to exaggerate here, your name was referred to us through a friend of ours some four years ago, and all we can say is – you, as a mortgage broker, worked to our satisfaction. Good luck & cheers! Raj & Tara
Raj & Tara

George was fantastic. He helped us see the light in a cloudy situation. We feel confident that we will be able to be financially confident in the future as we grow as a family and in life. I really wish that George was around when we first got our mortgage! Being scared of the fees what we thought we have to pay we never thought we can afford to get ever help from a broker. After long talk with George, explaining that we don’t have to pay anything, that released our the stress out of the situation! He is always very quick, accurate and responsive to your questions and your financial needs. Once again we thank you for your outstanding care! We are appreciated being able to rely on your expertise and professionalism .We would not hesitate at all in recommending you to anyone. Congratulations on a well run and honest business. Mirela & Sandor
Mirela & Sandor

We would just like to thank you for your excellent service and congratulate you on your excellent professionalism. We will certainly pass your good name on to our riends. Thank you. Fam. Lazu
Carmen and Dorin

Mihai and I would like to thank you for professionalism and your patience in assisting us with our mortgage.We will be confident ,recomending your services ,and look forward to work together in the future.Best Regards!
Mihail and Marina Cr

We are newcomers with not a big income, but we wanted to have our own house. If we have it now, it is due to the efforts of George. Thank you George, Magda and Stan

As first-time buyers we were fortunate to have George as our mortgage broker. He was diligent, knowledgeable and always available to answer our newbie questions. Thanks to him we were able to secure the best rate on the market this spring. We will definitely recommend him to our friends, and are looking forward to having business with him in the future.
Sorin and Natalia

He is the loan guru, extremely helpful with answering my questions. I am thrilled to recommend his services to everyone. Lili s
Lili Sabau

With absolutely no experience in the mortgage business I have asked some friends to recommend a competent and thoughtful mortgage broker. I always considered that recommendations are the proper way to find the right business partners! We are pleased to have been recommended George! Our case was not a simple one; however, he was very supportive and patient; all went very well! Working with George was a really good experience and I would characterize our relationship as follows: simple, fast, straight forward and all in all...very effective! He keeps on following up and following through; for him...the job did not end after the deal was closed! George is a very trustable partner and, in addition, a very nice person! Thank you!
Marius A

George not only helped us obtain a great rate on our new mortgage, but he expedited the entire process by taking care of everything for us, in a very short time. We truly appreciated the professional maner in wich he helped us with the purchase of our property. George was most helpful, we have no hesitation recomending his services to others. Thank you very much, George!
Maria and Samir

Thank you George for your professionalism, kind words, patience during the stressfull process of buying a house. All the time with a conforting smile on your face you lead us through the tough mortgage calculations, listened to our worries and made things easier. Now we enjoy the comfort of our house. Thank you George, Roxana and Alex Iorgu
Roxana Iorgu

George is the best mortgage broker (we had comparison).He provided all the information we needed and found us the lowest rate in a professional manner.Also was amazing to see he is available even on his vacation. Thanks George.
Claudia and Iosif

High and quality performance George as mortgage broker is very professional and very liable for his services. He came to our house, at our convenience & took us through the whole process step by step. We never hesitate ask question having the best prompt feedback from him.He is up to date and always insisted to get a best rate for his clients. We don’t have only a professional relation with him, his family became our best friends.I definitely would recommend George to my friends and to who is looking for a mortgage. He is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Thank you George, Nicoleta & Marius Oprescu
Nicoleta Oprescu

I would readily recommend George to all my friends who are looking for a mortgage. He is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. There is no pressure from his side whatsoever; even if you decide not to go with him (it's what happened to our family in a bizarre twist of fate), he continues to be very supportive and helpful. Thank you so much George for all your time and great help!
Simeon Mitrev

We have known George for a longtime and he has always been a true and loyal friend. He always had our best interest in mind and helped us enormously throughout the past years. On many occasions he insisted that we should buy a home instead of renting. When we were finally ready to make this step, he referred us to an exquisite real estate agent and was an excellent source of advice. When we found our perfect nest, he took care of all the paperwork and explained everything in great detail. Day or night, we know we can count on him if we have any concerns. We consider ourselves very lucky to have him in our lives.
The Mitu Family

As a first time home buyer I truly discovered how uneducated I was in the real estate and mortgage industry. I have heard words thrown around from various sources but never anything that was informative or accurate enough to give me the information I needed. I was referred to George by a good friend of mine (Bogdan Petri) who is in real estate and knew George personally as well as on a business level. From the first time I called George he was so on top of everything. He promptly returned my call and took some basic information. In the same day he was able to estimate a quote on my loan package. He informed me about the type of loan that was best for me and explained the reasons, and best of all he got me an unbeatable interest rate! Now because of his hard work and expertise I am in my first home with a great loan package! His pleasant personality, unbelievable patience, negotiation capabilities, attention to detail, dependability and drive would definitely rate him as a 10+ and we would be honored to recommend him as an agent to friends and family should the opportunity present itself. Sincerely, Gigi and Maria Utica
Gigi Utica

We asked George to negotiate the mortgage for our home a couple of years ago. This was a very good choice and we appreciate his proactive input and permanent financial market updates. Thanks George!
Steve Lorincz

We are really thankful to have George as our mortgage broker. With his help, we were able to buy our first home; he was a great support for us through the whole process. Thank you, George!
Nick Popa

Fully professional attitude. I would heartily recommend George for financial advices and services.
Victor Bucevschi

We would like to comment on the professionalism and great service from George Vasilache. George took the time and dedication to make the whole home loan process very easy for us. George came to our house, at our convenience & took us through the whole process step by step - always stopping to ask if we understood as we went along, something that we both found more than helpful (even it was not the first property that we’re buying). George continues today to provide on-going support and advice on all matters relating to our current financial situation. Thank you very much indeed for all your assistance, Eliza&Sabin
Sabin Tolea

I feel lucky that George took care of us when we bought the house in Oakville. Thank you George!
Alexandru Constantin

Thanks for the high professional aproach and for the best morgage rates among all the brokers from G.T.A.
Marian Apostol

We are pleased to have chosen George as a mortgage broker. Through hard work and professionalism he provided us with excellent services. At the end of this process we not only got a great mortgage broker but also a truly friend. We definitely recommend George to anybody in need of help. Lidia & Cornel
Cornel Bogdan

Great Experience dealing with George
Gelu Tamas

George helped us to renew our mortgage in June 2008. We appreciated the professional yet friendly approach in dealing with us through the entire process. George guided us carefully to submit the proper and accurate documents to the lender. He always followed up with the lender and the lawyer to make sure everything was in order. George kept us informed at each step of the process and went above and beyond our expectations to see the deal closed in good conditions. Thank you George, we have a great mortgage broker that we trust and we recommend to all our friends. Catalina & Bogdan
Bogdan Zaharia

As a single parent, I found George's help with the mortgage and the real estate agent very professional and results oriented.

Hello George, Thank you so much for your highly professional, excellent services. Best wishes, Boyka
Boyka Gurova

My wife and I bought our first house and the Real Estate agent recommended Mr. George Vasilache for the financials of the mortgage. Not only he has found a very competitive rate for us but he managed to finish all the paperwork and proceeds in a professional manner and in very short time. That is why I always recommend George whenever I hear somebody needs help with this matter.
George Burlacu

Hi George, I first want to thank you again for making this entire process so quick and easy. I felt extremely comfortable that the information I was given was honest and accurate. I know that I got the best possible rate on my mortgage, one that my bank could not beat! It is a pleasure working with you, and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks so much for all of your help! THANKS Cristian Vasilache 39 Queensbury Avenue Toronto, Ontario

Me and my wife are very satisfied with George's professionalism. Even thou we switched between a lot of Real Estate Agents, we only worked with George on the financing side.

George Vasilache was introduced to us by our real estate agent, summer 2007.We are happy to have chosen his services as a mortgage broker.

We had George helping us with our mortgage. For his professionalism to get a well- done job, we should kindly recommend Mr. Vasilache to anybody who is interested in getting a mortgage approved in less than a week. We are confident that satisfaction is guaranteed. Hat off George!
Mario &Daniela Harja

High and quality performance. We are very happy to have George as mortgage broker and friend. He helped us to get our first house after we lost our hope. He tries to understand each situation, each case and the most important thing he understands that we need help to have our own house in this new country. We truly recommend George to our friends and anyone who wants to by a house. Thank you George.

George helped my clients get the mortgage they needed in a timely, professional and thorough manner. He has maintained an open channel of communication with my clients and myself in order to complete the transactions within the time limits. He is a great resource for me as a real estate sales representative because he is reliable and has a great work ethic
Luisa Bita

My wife & I engaged George to source a home loan for us in September 2008. We were 1st home buyers but to our great surprise we found the process quite simple, and I have no doubt the reason for this - George!! George took us through the process step by step - always stopping to ask if we understood as we went along, something that we both found more than helpful. The fact that he managed to get us the best fixed rate over 5 years in a short term speaks volumes for the manner in which he fights for his clients. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending George Vasilache. He goes beyond the call of duty to ensure their customers satisfaction. Thanks George!
Valentin & Cristina

There should be more than 5 stars so I can rate George properly! I am a Real Estate agent and George provides an excellent service to my clients and he always exceeds everyone's expectations. I recommend George if you want to buy a home or refinance at the lowest rate possible on the market.
Bogdan Alesandru

Thanks to George and his professionalism I also managed to get an excellent interest rate, even compared to other mortgage providers.

We just bought our first home in Canada. Mr. Vasilache proved himself to be an excellent professional. He provided all the information I needed and guided me through the intricacies of the mortgage application process. He got me approved with a great rate. Thank you George.

We were first time buyers and we tried to get a mortgage from a bank. After visiting all big Canadian banks, we met George Vasilache. George was able to give us a better interest rate and much more flexibility than the banks. George helped us understand the mortgage process, he provided answers to all our questions and he was very helpful in easing any concerns that we had regarding the financing of our house. We truly recommend his services to anyone who's looking for a mortgage. Liliana and Doru

George is the best mortgage broker, he solved very difficult cases. He pays attention to every detail, and explains to the client every step in order to process the file. For him, each client is the most important person. George is a professional. The services provided are complete and the rates of interest are the lowest on the market.

George Vasilache was introduced to us by our real estate agent, last summer.We are very happy to have chosen his services as a mortgage broker. George has done a really great job for us in searching for the best deal when Purchasing our home.He is always available to answer any questions or to help in any way to make the purchasing of a home, avery smooth transition. Most of all, reliability is key in an activity like his. He made us very comfortable and certain that we were working with someone, most of all, very reliable. Thanks.
Juliao & Fatima LEE

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